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CAMERON’S Brewing has a BLOG |

Well hot dog…we have a blog.

We’ve been wanting our own blog for a while now so this
is exciting. As of late there have been some good stories
to tell from around the brewery:
We’re experimenting with newcorporatelogo-small.jpg brews on our cask nights,
we dressed as pirates for a charity dodgeball tournament, we’ve got some new brewery swag available and we can’t find the deflated volleyball that we play brewery soccer with.

The cool thing about blogging is that you (we) can update news, headlines and opinions in real time. For us, we can update where you can find us on tap and in bottles, we can let you know when we’re bottling your favorite brand next and we can let you know what kinds of things we run into on a daily basis.

This blog will be a little bit of something from everyone at the brewery. There will be tales from the road, ideas for new promotions, insight on what’s happening in the industry, updates on everything and other whimsical brewery banter.

Cheers and enjoy!