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CAMERON’S Appreciation Party 2008

This blog has been a long time coming but I know it will be well worth the wait.

My name is Jason Ellsmere and I will be keeping CAMERON’S fans up to date on interesting industry news from Ontario and around the world and throwing in my 2 cents on all sorts of other topics, beer related and not.

My first post covers a topic that is a real fun one around the brewery, the annual CAMERON’S Appreciation Party. This is an event that we hold to show love to the owners and staff of Licensee’s (restaurants and bars) and LCBO’s that support our brewery. This year we were thrilled to have the party hosted by Tony Merante of Regal Heights Bistro, a St.Clair destination that not only serves up some of the best edibles this city has to offer but also holds the title of being Toronto’s only restaurant with all 4 CAMERON’S beers on tap.

With a great showing of some our favorite people we managed to get the attendance within 1 person of the legal capacity of Regal Heights so no one was turned away. Those who swung by had a great time boogying down to the neon/jelly-funk/healing rock of Laser Jazz, a band that made it’s triumphant return after a tumultuous breakup in 2007.

If you would like to see the full gallery of the event please check out our gallery page. Here’s a couple teaser shots from the night.

3 guys and some pints

Laser Jazz

The bright lights of an appreciation party

Why wouldn’t the band have someone in a bear suit?

Again, welcome to our blog and we hope to see you back here often.


Jason Ellsmere