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Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

I write this in a hurry since I need to start my CAMERON’S St.Paddy’s tour and it’s getting late (3:30 pm). I will give you my inside track to find some great pints of fresh CAMERON’S beer and some fun folks to celebrate with.

The Local at 396 Roncessvalles Avenue. If anyone knows this great day it’s the owners of The Local, moving here from Ireland a few years ago and opening a pub gives them the expertise to throw a a great St.Patricks Day party. Beer of the hour is our Cream Ale on tap.

Squirly’s at 807 Queen Street West. A long time supporter of CAMERON’S squirly’s is a great stop on the tour to grab another pint of Cream Ale and maybe a good point to grab a snack, 20 of their famous wings might fit the bill.

The Cameron House at 408 Queen Street WestWhen the switch to Auburn Ale is in the cards where better to head than the Cameron House. These guys go through so much of our beer that the kegs are never tapped for more than 2 days at a time. If you are into Live bands you’ll be happy, I promise. Since it’s a school night I am going to cut my trip off at 3 stops, but if you are a real trooper you can always head up to the Magpie or even the Dakota to keep your CAMERON’S night going.

Safe travels my follow revelers.

Jason Ellsmere