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Craft Brewers Conference – Day 1

With day one now passed there’s few things to talk about yet. I arrived a day early so I got to see all the World Beer Cup judges doing their thing and it was a pretty impressive site to see the staging room with well over 1000 beers being prepared for judging. I tried to take a picture but security was very tight and there are no photos allowed, the only thing they would let me photograph was this sign.

World Beer Cup Sign

Being here a little early gave me the opportunity to see brewery folk from all over the world roll in throughout the day. This year boasts the most Ontario brewers that I have ever seen at one of these events, it’s great to see our fellow Ontario breweries make the trip down to further their knowledge of the craft of brewing.
While I was being social through the day our head brewer Jason Britton was having a much different experience. Jason is involved in the 2 day Weihenstephan Symposium which is an intensive course on things like “processing methods to assure physical organoleptic stability”, it’s beyond me but he’s having a great time. If he get’s a minute I will ask him to blog about it.
Since it’s 7am here I’m off to meet up with some friends for breakfast and then we’re boarding the buses to head out on brewery tours. I’m signed up for the South Bay tour which includes visits to Coranado Brewing, Fire House Brewing Co., Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, and The Brewhouse – East Lake . Upon returning we are heading over to the new Stone Brewery for the welcome reception. It’s a tough job but someone needs to do it. Updates to follow.
Jason Ellsmere