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Craft Brewers Conference – Day2

The tours are over and the welcome reception is now but a fond memory. The brewery tours were interesting as always and it’s great to see the breweries open their doors to us and take us behind the scenes. Perhaps the greatest part of the tours is the opportunity to meet industry people from near and far on the bus. I had the pleasure of spending my day with Laura Bell from Bells Brewing in Kalamazoo Michigan and the crew from Fredericksburg Brewing in Fredericksburg Texas. Rick, Cherie, Alton and Bill are always good for a laugh and if you’re ever in Texas make sure you swing by and visit them for some great beers and stay the night at their inn if you have the time.


Alton, Rick, Bill and Cherie from Fredericksburg Brewing.

I was excited to see the new Stone Brewing facility and boy did they deliver! They needed to expand to a new location and instead of fitting into an existing building they made the decision to build a brewery from the ground up. This is about as cool as it gets when it comes to a new brewery, brand new shiny equipment, a high tech computer control room and a restaurant and outdoor beer garden that is beyond words. To top off the new facility Greg and Steve hosted a party for a couple of thousand people that included free beer not only from Stone but from all the San Diego Brewers Guild members. They also pulled out all the stops and served up some top notch smoked ribs, pulled beef and sausage on a bun. A local specialty cheese shop showed up and served up a table full of great cheeses and for desert there was a stout ice cream float bar. It took a lot to pull off such an event and it will be hard to top in years to come, great job.


Jason Britton hugging a little Arrogant Bastard.

When the reception was over we were bussed back to the hotel where the San Diego Brewers Guild had kindly set up a party for us with a custom made cold room with 100, yes 100 draught taps. An unbelievable undertaking and a mind boggling selection of beers.

img_0151.jpg img_0243.jpg

Instead of picking a few select photo’s I have decided it would be easier to create a gallery on the CAMERON’S website dedicated to the CBC. There’s a lot of great shots in there, enjoy.

The Seminars start today so it’s time to put our student hats back on and make sure we have a couple of fresh pens. More to come.

Jason Ellsmere