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The Health Benefits of Beer | Listen Up Winos

While sitting at a doctors office I came across this wonderful article in a magazine that caught my attention……the article mentioned the MANY benefits of beer…….so for all the beer lovers out there……It is now a proven fact that beer — yes, BEER — can provide the same health benefits as wine. No matter what type of lager or ale you prefer, studies show that drinking beer in moderation (up to 2 drinks a day for guys) can and will reduce your chances of strokes, as well as heart and vascular disease.

Wine vs. Beer

According to Mr. Jim Anderson, wine connoisseur, “When you compare the raw ingredients that go into wine and beer, you’ll find that wine, on one hand, is made purely from grapes, water and yeast. Grapes are a fine source of sugars, fiber and chromium, but few of those things survive the fermentation and filtering process. Yeast has loads of complex B vitamins, but again, they do not appear in the final product due to filtering.”

Beer, on the other hand, is made from grains, water and yeast. Grains commonly used are barley and wheat, both of which are loaded with a variety of vitamins that survive the fermentation and filtering process. And the vitamin value of the yeast is conserved in the hundreds of unfiltered beers that are on the market — both on tap and in bottles.

So to all my wine drinking friends out there, since beer has so many benefits, why not start with nothing but the best beer out there………..Camerons!