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CAMERON’S Cask Night Write Up – The Canadian Beer Geek Report

Here is a write-up from our friend’s at the Canadian Beer Geek Report…thanks for coming out guys, it was a great evening.

The Canadian Beer Geek Report traveled to beautiful Oakville, Ontario, Canada to enjoy a sample from a ‘one off’ cask at CAMERON’S Brewing

What better way to enjoy a craftbrew than inside the brewery itself. March 26, 2009 was the 17th Cask night at CAMERON’S Brewing located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Not only do you get to enjoy CAMERON’S beer, but you get to sample a unique ‘one off’ cask.

This night’s cask was labeled Adam’s Apple brewed by Adam Ramanauskas (Cameron Brewer).  The base of Adam’s Apple was CAMERON’S Cream Ale then Adam blended in apple juice, cinnamon (from Whole Foods Market, Oakville) and dry hopped it with spalter.

In true fashion, they outdid themselves again. This was a very smooth easy drinking beer that made me wish it was summer and I was sitting on the front porch watching the grass grow.  The apple and spices were not overpowering and the spalter hops finished it off nicely. CAMERON’S Cream Ale is an easy drinking beer to begin with and Adam’s additions just brought it to the next level.

A tradition with Cask Night is to give the honors of tapping the cask to a special guest and the fine folks at CAMERON’S gave me that privilege. I must say that the cask was tapped like a pro with zero beer spraying the crowd. Now, on to the food. Wholefoods came through yet again. They brought in a perfect pairing to Adam’s Apple with their spicy ribs and chicken jambalaya.

Tonight, CAMERON’S was also partnered with the Kerr Street Ministries to help gather non perishable food for their food bank. Jennifer Owen (from Hamilton) brought most food totaling 169lbs. She won a CAMERON’S Keg Party – complete with a draught unit, C02, cups and host t-shirt (value $200).  This event raised a grand total of 570lbs. Thank you to everyone who donated.

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