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Stout Irish Pub

If you haven’t been able to pay a visit to The Stout Irish Pub yet, throw on your boots and get over to Cabbagetown! You are in for a treat when you walk into one of the most ambient places in all of Toronto. Between the smell of smoldering peat and fresh fish and chips you will hear the voice of a spritely Irish Lass taking orders. This is truly a place for the Irish at heart to put up their feet and enjoy a pint.

A fairly new haunt, Stout Irish had their grand opening this past New Year’s Eve. For those of you who missed it, not to worry though, Erin and Craig have planned to host a Ceili every Sunday afternoon! See you there!

Last but not least, be sure to order some fish & chips while you are there. CAMERON’S fans will be delighted to learn that the hefty 10 oz serving of haddock is battered in our world famous Dark 266! This might be a self perpetuated rumor, but I heard that it’s the most popular item on the menu!