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Royal Winter Fair – CAMERON’S Cheese Pairings

On November 9th at the 2011 Royal Winter Fair, CAMERON’S Brewing Co. and Upper Canada Cheese teamed up to do a delicious cheese pairing in the test kitchen.

These gourmet items were paired up to compliment each others flavours.  Our beautiful brand ambassador Julia served cheese and beer connoisseurs at the Royal.

CAMERON’S Auburn Ale was paired with Upper Canada’s Comfort Cream.  Not a very strong cheese was selected in order for the flavour to not compete with the full bodied Auburn Ale.  The other pairing we served was CAMERON’S Lager with Upper Canada’s Cottage Gold.  A sharp cheese that has enough flavour to cut through the crispness of the Lager.

If you missed it you can pick up your own Upper Canada Cheese from any of these locations and your CAMERON’S Beer from the LCBO and do your own pairing at home.