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The Oak Aged

CAMERON’S Brewing stands behind the quality and consistency of all of our products. When we create something as inventive as the Oak Aged, we take extra care that the product fully delivers on peoples’ expectations. CAMERON’S proudly walked away with a silver medal for the first edition of the Oak Aged in the “Wood and Barrel Aged Beer” category.  Given the amazing reviews we received from the first batch we wanted to make sure this one was as good or better.  it offers notes of toasted oak-infused caramel along with a hint of Tennessee whiskey.Originally slated to be released in September, our brew master felt that the Oak Aged would be significantly better if it was left to age for a longer period of time.

 A big thank you goes out to all those who pre-ordered and  prepaid: we all agree it’s better to have a quality product later then a lessor one sooner!Call us at (905) 849-8282 to reserve your bottle! A perfect gift and now available to the public. Priced at $12.95 per 750 ml bottle. Buy yours now, they are going fast!

You can only purchase this exclusively at the brewery
“Out of the bottle, the beer instantly grabs some attention with its rich and
slightly hazy chestnut-mahogany body capped with a moderate sized off-white head.” –