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Stop the Dark Beer Assumptions!

Over the course of our fifteen years in business, CAMERON’S Brewing has created four styles of beer. Our Cream Ale was our first born, our Lager and Auburn are the middle kids, and our Dark Lager was last, and apparently the runt of the litter!  For some time now, we’ve marveled at how little Dark Beer awareness reaches the general public in North America! This has gotten to us so much that we’ve decided to go on a Dark Lager crusade! We will preach our love for our delicious and unique  Dark Lager 266, spread awareness of other dark beers, and promote with sweet t-shirts, and deals at the LCBO, the Beer Store and our Retail store!

Please check out the Beer Wench‘s article on Dark Beers – she shares our mission for Dark Beer education!

What is Dark Lager?

Although Dark Lagers look like stouts or deep heavy ales, their body is consistent with that of regular lagers. What gives them their unique colouring is the extended roasting of the malted barley.  So don’t be afraid of the dark! Next time someone offers you a Dark Lager, you cannot say “oh but I can’t drink heavy beer!”

What does Dark Lager taste like?

Just try it! We’d leave it at that but we already have this description on hand so why not! Dark Lagers contain low to moderate levels of sweetness as well as bitterness, and their noble hop flavor should be low but perceptible. Although unusual today, Lagers were mainly dark until the 1840s; pale lagers were not common until the later part of the 19th century when technological advances made them easier to produce.

CAMERON’S Dark Lager 266

Our Dark Lager 266 has won seven awards and is beyond delectable; it tastes like a Stout but goes down like a Lager! This rare breed of beer was  brewed as a one-off draught for one of our specialty bars. The demand for a return was so persistent that that we had to bottle it and share it with everyone! It’s crafted with lager yeast and imported dark malts from the UK, Germany and the US.  Once again, it’s deceptive as it is much lighter tasting than one would anticipate. It’s crisp and refreshing like a North American Lager, but with the flavour complexity of a Stout. One try, you’ll “have a dark side” too.


Did we mention you can and should cook with it? Add it to stew, spice up your bread recipe, even brownies! Stout Irish Pub adds our Dark Lager 266 to their award winning beer battered Fish & Chips! One of our ambassador’s makes unbelievable Dark Lager 266 Schnitzel and we promise to coax the recipe out of her to share with you! 


Starting on February 26th and lasting till March 31st, the LCBO and Beer Store are offering our Dark Lager 266 for .65 cents off! We have also made “DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK” and “I HAVE A DARK SIDE” T-shirts! They will be available next week at our retail store at 1165 Invicta Dr. in Oakville, for $20.00! Store hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday from 12:00pm to 5:00pm! Call ahead to make sure your size is in stock! 905 849 8282