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The 7th Annual Hamilton Food and Drink Fest

If you live near the hammer save March 23 – 25 for The Hamilton Food and Drink Fest held at the Careport Center

The festival last year was an amazing experience for everyone who went!

Upon entry you  receive a sample glass that you use to sample gourmet drinks at the various booths and for you to take home after the festival.   You will also have a festival program to scope out all the restaurants.  The Hamilton Food and Drink fest only accepts the best so bring your appetite and don’t forget to visit us at CAMERON’S.

To purchase additional sample tickets prices are:

  • $10 you get (12) Sample Tickets
  • $20 you get (25) Sample Tickets
    FYI – Most samples will range between 1- 7 Sample Tickets

$15.00 for entry at the door and theirs deals available if you purchase online ahead of time.

If you are driving and and plan on drinking make sure you have a designated driver!

Hope to see you at the CAMERON’S Booth! Mention the blog for a free smile.

Cheers and travel safe!