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Meet William Wilson – CAMERON’S Newest Sales Rep in Toronto

William Wilson CAMERON’S Brewing Sales Rep in TorontoLadies and gentleman, the lovely and talented William Wilson!

Born and raised on the beautiful streets of Toronto, hockey and music occupied most of my waking hours as a young boy. I can still remember my interest in beer at a young age, after my dad’s hockey game, I remember sitting on a bench beside my him in his dressing room while he was sipping on a Black Label (more famous for its ad campaign than its taste) and  being quite intrigued by the strange liquid in the brown bottle.

Not much has changed for me since then as I’m still very fascinated by beer and love everything about it. What’s different now is that I have acquired quite a palate for fine brews most particularly craft beers.

My passion for the craft brewing industry and its culture continues to grow with fervor and dedication.  I am considered a beer connoisseur amongst acquaintances and an honest, yet opinionated “beer snob” amongst friends. In the pursuit of knowledge, I have taken multiple beer courses, including Prudhomme Beer Certification and enjoy experimenting with home brewing. Luckily I live with a very supportive partner, because it can get pretty messy.

I am privileged to begin my day doing what I love and end it the same way.

If you see me please stop and say hello, I am very pleasant and quite funny.

William Wilson
(416) 797-5552