CAMERON’S RPA Like “Catnip for Creatives”

 We are shocked to report that on Monday, March 18, CAMERON’S was the victim of a daring daylight heist of a large shipment of its Rye Pale Ale. A group of masked operatives flagged down a supply truck, threatened the driver with bad jokes, and made off with a significant haul of the coveted RPA.

Toronto-based music movement Mediazoic has claimed responsibility for the attack, alleging that this particular CAMERON’S seasonal craft brew contains a secret ingredient that fuels creative inspiration.

“CAMERON’S RPA is like catnip for creative people”, said a ransom note accompanying the attached photos from the Mediazoic studio hideout in downtown Toronto, “We don’t know what it is but whether you’re a musician, a deejay, a painter or a film-maker, there’s something in this stuff that makes great things happen. With Canadian Music Week upon us from Wednesday to Saturday this week and a bunch of creatives descending on our studio, we can’t afford NOT to have our fridge stuffed with this magic elixir.”

The ransom? The Mediazoic masked marauders have vowed to return the shipment if we flood CAMERON’S Facebook page with love. Well, Likes actually. If the page hits 500 Likes by the end of the week, we’ll have it back in the warehouse by next Monday.

If they don’t drink it all first, that is. Brazenly, they’ve invited guests to enjoy a free studio tour, and a complimentary RPA, simply by sending an email to and booking a time to stop by.

If you want to learn more about Mediazoic and all the cool stuff they be sure to check out their new website.

If you can’t make it to the Mediazoic studios but still want to pick up your own RPA, you’re in luck. Starting Friday March 22, we will have our RPA in 650ml bottles available for you at your LCBO.