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12 Local Beers to Drink this Summer

Toronto, ON – May 28, 2013  Those who insist their beer needs to be hoppy/complex/unfiltered/brewed with cardamom etc. can feel free to just skip this entry (or, more likely, just skip to the comments section to express your disagreement), but in the summer there’s a certain place for a perfectly inoffensive, well-made, crisp tasting beer–and CAMERON’S Cream Ale is just that. It’s not going to blow your mind, but beer doesn’t always have to. To be honest, CAMERON’S Cream Ale isn’t even the best beer that CAMERON’S brews, but if you’re looking for an excellent cream ale, this oft overlooked, malt-forward, subtly sweet beer that’s been around since 1998 will do the trick quite nicely.