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The Wren

1382 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, ON M4J 1M9

The Wren


Some quotes from Yelp….

For months I have been waiting in anticipation for the opening of this place as I had been bemoaning the lack of nicer restaurant/bar options in the neighbourhood since moving there a couple of years ago. After what seemed like an eternity, The Wren finally opened and I went to check it out Saturday of opening week…..The Wren is definitely a welcome addition to the changing landscape of businesses along the stretch of Danforth between Greenwood and Coxwell…


…They’ve done an amazing job with the design and overall atmosphere.  A mix of bar seating, booths, harvest tables, and a small “nook” at the back which offers a slightly more private area.  Both interior and exterior decoration, fixtures, and lighting present a nice take on modern/rustic southwestern theme, and that theme is carried right through to the signage/menu and smaller elements.  Always a good sign when this much effort has been put into creating a cohesive look and feel….


…The staff were incredibly welcoming and friendly and the service was great. I ordered the beef brisket sandwich, my husband the fried chicken sandwich and my 5 year old the burger. Our three year old  enjoyed my fries and a plentiful serving of a quarter of my brisket which was more than enough. My 5 year old inhaled his burger and my husband polished off everyones perfectly crispy/chewy fries. All in all, a wonderful experience and we definitely plan to return….



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