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Obsidian & RPA ON SALE – $1.00 OFF 650mL

Obsidian&RPAHand brewed by beer artisans, CAMERON’S newest releases CAMERON’S Obsidian Imperial Porter Rum Barrel Aged and RPA are now ON SALE at the LCBO and brewery.

Dark and intriguing as the midnight sky, Obsidian is loaded with magnificent and robust flavor as CAMERON’S brewers carefully aged it for seven months in Caribbean rum barrels. Look for roasted malt, chocolate character, woody notes and more layers of complexity in this unique beer that is inspired from life in the West Indies.

“CAMERON’S Obsidian Imperial Porter follows the launches of the award-winning series of barrel aged brews including Deviator Doppelbock Barrel Aged, Very Special Pale Ale (VSPA) Cognac Barrel Aged and American Whiskey Oak Barrel Aged. Our beer fans expect us to surprise and delight them with new beer styles and I promise they will love the layers of complexity in this dark and intriguing, velvety, nectarous, magnificent ale,” says President and Co-Owner, Bill Coleman.

“CAMERON’S was granted the unique opportunity to procure Caribbean rum barrels, a rare find (which you can buy). Our challenge was to create a barrel aged, island-style export beer. This is our interpretation of a dark, strong and intriguing beer from the Caribbean. Historical records recount that dark, strong beers were always very popular in the southern climes for their life-giving properties,” says Jason Britton, CAMERON’S Brewmaster.

Along with the Obsidian our well loved RPA is also ON SALE as well.

RPA was originally brewed for the 2011 Bar Volo IPA challenge, earning 2nd Place, by combining the best parts of American and British IPA styles, we achieved a robust and unique staple,” says Britton. “This fusion is hazy orange-amber in colour, with a well-constructed white head. It begins with an upfront citrus aroma followed by a complex malt body with a hint of peppery rye which releases earthy floral British hop flavour on the finish.”

Jason Britton talking about Obsidian Imperial Porter and RPA

Watch Jason Britton talking about
CAMERON’S Obsidian Imperial Porter

RPA is made of a combination of seven different floral British and pungent American hops, some which are added in a dry hopping process. This involves adding hops directly to the fermented beer in the fermenter. The hops are well supported by a large malt bill of five character malts with a generous portion of rye which contributes to mouth feel and CAMERON’S Rye Pale Ale’s own special character.

But it’s not only great to have your beer win awards but to also win the hearts of your craft beer fans. Here is an excerpt from Chris Schryers’s article, written in the Toronto Beer Blog,

“This beer is perfect. Perfection isn’t exclusive, but it’s a rare thing. There is lovely sweet malts, caramelly and dark, and those spices that could be related to the rye in the grain bill. I’m very tempted to just stop typing and drink. Big hops that are clearly white grapefruit and lemon. And the mouthfeel! One of the most velvety soft beers out there. Just incredible. So damn good.”Read more

Recent Awards

  • 2013 “Canadian Brewing Awards” Bronze
  • 2012 “Ontario Brewing Awards” Gold
  • 2012 “Canadian Brewing Awards” Silver
  • 2012 “Ontario Brewing Awards” People’s Choice Award
  • Blog.TO – Top FIVE Craft Beers of 2012
  • The Grid – Part of the 2013 Ultimate Winter Two-Four