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Introducing Cameron’s Rye Bock: a classic bavarian Lager with a twist

Oakville, ON – February 25, 2014- CAMERON’S Brewing Company is introducing its latest creation, CAMERON’S Rye Bock. Putting a twist on the classic Bavarian maibock, CAMERON’S is using its signature rye malt to brew a unique German-style lager.

“This golden-orange and medium-bodied bock is extremely smooth and rich in character. We selected German specialty hops including Hallertau to create a hint of floral aroma in this complex lager. A malt-accented ‘bockiness’, balanced with earthy and floral hop character combines with CAMERON’S signature use of rye malt for a pleasant dryness and subtle, peppery flavor. This creates a delicious variation on a classic style,” says CAMERON’S Brewmaster, Jason Britton.

“CAMERON’S Rye Bock is inspired from the classic Bavarian maibock, (maibock translated from German means the bock beer of May) that was brewed to help ease the transition between long, cold winters in the foothills of the Alps and the blazing hot summers that followed,” says Bill Coleman, President, CAMERON’S Brewing Company. “It is very appropriate to release this time of year, CAMERON’S Rye Bock should be a welcome change to the long, cold winter we have been experiencing in Ontario,” he adds.