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Introducing CAMERON’S® Black Forest Dark Lager and CAMERON’S Bamberg Castle Smoked Ale

Introducing CAMERON’S® Black Forest Dark Lager and CAMERON’S Bamberg Castle Smoked Ale

Latest CAMERON’S Brewmaster’s Selection 4-pack features two new German inspired flavours

Oakville, ON – October 17, 2016 – CAMERON’S Brewing Company has released its latest Brewmaster’s Selection 4-pack, a limited time release that includes two of CAMERON’S year-round flavours plus two seasonal offerings.

“In the spirit of pursuing the development of new styles of beer that keep tantalizing the taste buds of our fans, we are excited to offer these two German inspired recipes designed to complement our line up with richer Fall flavours”, says Bill Coleman, President and Co-owner.

CAMERON’S Black Forest Dark Lager

The Black Forest of south western Germany is known for its mountains, dense evergreen forests and picturesque villages, who’s dark secrets and legends inspired the Brothers Grimm fairy tales.

This classic Schwarzbier styled beer is dark in colour, complex in flavour, yet extremely quaffable at 4.5%. Black Forest Dark Lager has a brown bread crust like character with soft chocolate notes and has a light spicy and a floral hop balance that keeps you coming back for more.

Loyal CAMERON’S enthusiasts will recall this beer was originally called “Dark 266”, being named after the 266th brew CAMERON’S ever made. “We brewed 266 specifically for a beer show but ended up introducing it into our line-up after it received accolades and quickly developed a cult following. We are excited to bring back the award winning taste under a more iconic brand name and new look”, says Jason Britton, Brewmaster.

CAMERON’S Bamberg Smoked Ale

According to legend the bishop of Bamberg would not grant the citizens any land for the construction of a town hall. Rejecting this decision, the resourceful townsfolk rammed piles into the river to create an artificial island, on which they built a castle. Just as ingenious, our German inspired rauchbier has a distinctively smoke flavoured beer made from malted barley smoked with beech wood. This smoked ale has a sweet, smoky aroma and flavour brewed with special character malts for colour. We recommend pairing with bold, full-flavoured foods, such as barbequed meats, artisan cheese and rich chocolate desserts.

“The Rauchbier style originated in Bamberg German, where the indigenous Beech wood trees surrounds the hill side of this quaint town. The beech is used to smoke a portion of the grain to impart a unique smoked flavour which is recognized all around the world. Bamberg boasts a high ratio of breweries to townsfolk and is worth a visit if you are in the area,” adds Britton.

CAMERON’S Brewmaster Selection 4-pack also includes classic favourites: CAMERON’S Ambear Red Ale and CAMERON’S Cosmic Cream Ale. Available on November 1st in 4-packs in Grocery Stores and LCBO SKU #480285 at $11.50 (includes HST & Deposit)

Black Forest Dark Lager and Bamberg Castle Smoked Ale are also available in draught starting today directly through CAMERON’S Brewing at (905) 849-8282 or for $125 per 30 litre keg and $225 per 58.6 litre keg (plus HST & deposit).

Please click here for the PDF of this press release announcing CAMERON’S Black Forest Dark Lager and CAMERON’S Bamberg Smoked Ale


  • Julie Cork Posted September 2, 2017 9:02 pm

    Where can I get your dark lager!!!
    Had it in a bar and love it!!! Live in Newmarket but tried it in London. Let me know

    • admin-cactus Posted September 6, 2017 2:43 pm

      Hi Julie,

      Our Black Forest Dark Lager is currently one of our seasonal beers and is not available at retailers for the moment. It will be out in fall, but there is no release date as of yet. It will also be in our new 4-pack which will be released around the same time, but no official date yet.

      thanks for reaching out!

  • James layfield Posted February 13, 2018 8:21 pm

    Same here. I had it at a pub in oakville and love it. Tried to find it in lcbo but no luck. You have a winner please find a way to make it an annual.

    • admin-cactus Posted May 2, 2018 1:30 pm

      Hi James,

      Our Black Forest Dark Lager is currently available in our Brewmaster’s Selection 4-pack at the LCBO, The Beer Store, and the Brewery Retail Store.

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