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The art and science of smoking an ale

Smoked beer (Rauchbier) is a type of beer with a distinctive smoke flavour imparted by using malted barley dried over an open flame.

The Rauchbier style originated in Bamberg, Germany, where the indigenous beech wood trees surround the area. The beech is used to smoke a portion of the grain to impart a unique smoked flavour which is recognized all around the world.

Two Breweries in Bamberg, Germany—Schlenkerla and Spezial—have continued smoked beer production for nearly two centuries. Both are still in operation today, alongside seven other breweries in the same town.

“Bamberg boasts a high ratio of breweries to townsfolk and is worth a visit if you are in the area,” says Jason Britton, Cameron’s Brewmaster. We named our very own Bamberg Castle Smoked Ale after a local legend. Allegedly, the bishop of Bamberg would not grant the citizens any land for the construction of a town hall. Rejecting this decision, the resourceful townsfolk rammed piles into the river to create an artificial island, on which they built a castle,” he adds.

Bamberg Castle pairs really well with bold, full-flavoured foods, such as barbequed meats, artisan cheese and rich chocolate desserts. Try it over the Holiday Season with your favorite fine foods.

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