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Red Line Brewhouse and Cameron’s Brewing Release a Collaborative Beer

“Going Going Back Back To Cali Cali” Luxurious West Coast IPA

Redline Brewhouse and Cameron’s Brewing Company are very excited to announce their first brewing collaboration. 

Going Going Back Back to Cali Cali is a Luxurious West Coast IPA brewed by friends and inspired by the lyrical stylings of The Notorious B.I.G. Neither Cameron’s Brewing Company or Redline Brewhouse regularly brew West Coast style IPAs at the moment, though they have in the past, so this was Going back to Cali for the brewers.

“We used a blend of classic West Coast hops like Simcoe and Columbus, along with newer varietals like Azacca and Idaho #7 for big notes of mango, peach, and resinous pine. In true BIGGIE fashion, we went a bit over the top and added in some pungent Chinook HopHash, to bring a very powerful pine and citrus character to the beer.  “Luxurious” was the way BIGGIE lived his life. In this beer, “Luxurious” comes from the addition lactose for some body, and a smooth finish,” says Sebastian MacIntosh, Head Brewer, Redline Brewhouse.

“For Seb and I this beer has been years in the making. We attended brewing school together, we were roommates, and BIGGIE was a big part of the soundtrack of the time we spent dreaming of (and working towards) brewing beer together on something bigger than the homebrew setup in our garage. Collaborations are a chance to approach brewing in a different way than we do on a day to day basis. This beer was inspired by the common link between a song we love, and a style of beer we both enjoy – Cali, a place, a strain of yeast, and a mindset. We had a lot of fun brewing this, and we hope everyone has as much fun enjoying it,” says Curtis Jeffrey, Head Brewer, Cameron’s Brewing Company.


Going Going Back Back To Cali Cali Luxurious West Coast IPA will be available at Redline Brewhouse in Barrie and at the Cameron’s brewery store in growlers and cans.

For licensee orders call Redline at 705-715-5659


  • Colin John Posted May 24, 2017 10:17 am

    I phoned Camerons brewery over three weeks ago to find out when I could get this new beer. The person I spoke to said that she didn’t know and that it would probably only be available at Redline in Barrie. She said that she would talk to Jason and get back to me.
    I am still waiting. In the meantime I am buying my beer from Nickelbrook

    • admin-cactus Posted July 20, 2017 9:50 am

      Hi Colin, unfortunately the Going Going Back Back to Cali Cali beer is only available from Red Line Brewhouse as it was brewed on their premises. They also serve the beer at select bars in Toronto, which we have posted on Instagram. Hope this helps.

      thanks for your comment.

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