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Strange Brews: What’s in your beer?

In a world where brewers are experimenting with a variety of ingredients to come out with innovative flavours, some rather outrageous ingredients are being used to produce…well, some strange brews.


Wynkoop Brewing Company, based in Denver, makes Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout, which is made using 11kgs of bull testicles (also called Rocky Mountain Oysters) sliced then roasted before being added to the beer’s mash. The beer is an assertive foreign-style stout, slightly viscous, with a deep brown colour…Thirsty yet?



Speaking of oysters, these ones are considerably smaller…Porterhouse Brewing Company shucks fresh oysters into the conditioning tank during the brewing process, giving its Oyster Stout extra sweetness. The beer is described as a “superbly balanced brew, smooth and rounded without being bland and “not suitable for vegetarians”!!


Squid Ink

Wrapping off the list is the strangest: Wisconsin’s 3 Sheeps Nimble Lips IPA with Squid Ink. Apparently, squid ink darkens the beer and actually enhances the hop profile, along with contributing a slight briny character. Yummy!

Remember brewers are partly mad scientist and partly artists and they are capable of constantly pushing the drinker’s palates. Since the only necessary ingredients in beer are water, yeast, barley and hops any additional and unusual ingredients can give “innovation” a whole new meaning.


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