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Meet Kyle Kuska – Sales Representative, London, Chatham, Windsor & Area

“No matter what kind of beer you’re into, there is a craft beer out there for you.”

Kyle Kuska shares his passion for craft beer and works his salesmanship magic with customers spread across his vast territory in South Western Ontario.

“My most favourite part of the job is hosting tastings and running into people who say they don’t drink craft beer because I take that as a challenge. Once I persuade them to try an easy drinking Captain’s Log Lager for example, invariably I have a convert. I strongly believe no matter what kind of beer you’re into, there is a craft beer out there for you.

Kyle, who previously worked in the bar and restaurant business understands the very social nature of the beer business. ” Whether you’re a simple light lager enthusiast, or you’re into the double IPA’s, beer brings people together, we can all relate to beer,” says Kyle.

When he’s not working you can find him throwing the ball to his dog in the park, playing soccer and watching professional sports with a cold one in hand as well as just relaxing on a patio somewhere.

“Over the next five years, I see the craft beer industry expanding even further than where it is at today. People aren’t going to the store and just buying a ”24”, their taste for different beer flavours has evolved. They walk through the LCBO and grab all different types of beer, and that’s what I think is going to keep happening,” he concludes.

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