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What’s Up with Hops

Holy hops! How many hops varieties are there? Well, about 80 different hops plant types are commercially available today. Hops are the cone-shaped flowers of the female hops plant, and they are used to preserve the beer, clear it, help retain its head and, of course, gives it its classic bitter flavour. Hoppiness exists as an array of flavours, aromas, and bitterness. Each hop variety is different and can be described as pungent, floral, citrusy, woody, herbaceous, peppery, earthy, resinous, or minty.

Here are some of the hops we use in our beers:


Cascade is known for its trademark citrusy, floral, and most notably grapefruity aroma. Cameron’s uses it in its Ambear Red Ale and Bamberg Castle Smoked Ale.

Golding Hops

Used in Cameron’s One-Eyed Grouse, Golding Hops is the name of a group of varieties grown in south eastern England. Its flowery tones have produced some of England’s best bitters. The aroma from Golding is mellow and sweet scented. It is an engaging bouquet that has stood the test of modern brewing time.


Think Vallarta Hops and think Bavarian beers styles. The Hallertau variety once dominated the region from which it was named. Hallertau Hops has a very long history in German Lagers and its aromatic and flavour properties help to describe generations of beers from the area. We use it on our Black Forest Dark Lager.


This is a very popular hop for its distinctive aroma and we use it in our Ambear Ale. While “citrusy” is a flavour descriptor Amarillo possesses a distinct quality of “orangeyness” like biting into a tangerine.

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