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Darien Gopee Joins Our Brewing Team

Meet Darien Gopee, the newest member of our brewing team. When Darien was musing with a potential career in the beer business, he started his research by meeting people in the industry. “I was kind of at a crossroads at the time, I started by volunteering at festivals and events such as the OCB awards and worked as a bartender at Block Three Brewing in St. Jacob’s while studying at University of Waterloo. I discovered my passion for beer and Block Three was the reason I went to brewing school,” he says.

While the young brewer is, as you might suspect, very passionate about beer and might be expected to have a wide array of favourites, Darien is quick to say: “Honestly something simple is fine with me. Throughout brewing school, I really fell in love with simple beautiful Helles Lagers.” Funnily enough, Cameron’s Where the Buffalo Roam barley wine is his favourite describing it as a simple yet wonderful expression of what the style is and can be. “An array of dark fruit and chocolate at play,” as he describes it.

Darien’s view of the craft beer craze in Canada is unique. “Craft beer is incredibly accessible and has this amazing reach to local communities that is not restricted by size or location type. Breweries are popping up everywhere, with the idea of serving their community first and then moving broader. Who doesn’t like the idea of a homegrown business going big!” he concludes.

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