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Meet Jeff Ranson – Sales Representative, Cottage Country East

Introducing Jeff Ranson who will be the face of Cameron’s in Ontario’s Cottage Country East.  Jeff is a veteran of our industry as he has been running a St.Louis Bar and Grill as owner and operator for 11 years. Previous to being in the restaurant industry, he held various senior sales positions at Molson and Labatt. Conveniently enough, Jeff owns a cottage in the middle of his territory and is the happiest enjoying the outdoors either on his boat or snowmobile and stays active by playing golf or hockey.

When asked about something unusual and fun about himself, Jeff smiles and says, “I have been in the beer industry since I was 19, so I’ve never had to pay for beer!”

He has a unique perspective on the evolution of the craft beer industry.  “People may not be drinking as much but want a more favourable beer. Consumers now want to “shop” for beer in the LCBO and selected Beer stores and the emergence of Brew Pubs and local Breweries has created a demand for the craft beer segment.”  Jeff’s favourite beer is Captain’s Log Lager but he won’t be having with seafood. “I’m not allergic I just don’t like the look and texture, I’ve never tried it!”

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