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Meet Courtney Watson, the newest addition to the CAMERON’S team and representative for the York Region. There is a lot more about this young lady than meets the eye. Courtney brings toCAMERON’S a wealth of relevant experience both from working for a craft brewer, the bar industry as well as the LCBO. She is also very knowledgeable about beer as she completed her Prud’homme Level 1 certification and her Product Knowledge Gold Level from the LCBO.

Courtney’s point of view about the craft beer movement is very insightful: “I think this is a ‘chicken and the egg’ question. What came first, people becoming more interested in local craft beer or local breweries pushing the envelope and developing new recipes and quality beer,” she says. “Beer is as versatile as wine; it can be paired with food and social situations, it can be served in speciality glasses, and it can (and should!) be cooked with. What’s not to love about it?”

When she is not converting another customer to drink CAMERON’S, Courtney never sits still. She is either showing off her artistic side by directing and acting in a small theatre company and admits being a pretty good singer as well. When asked about her favourite beer, she smiles and says: “I hate this question. Seriously! What time is it? What day is it? What am I eating? What am I doing? There’s a beer for every situation. I haven’t found a ‘one size fits all’ beer yet, and I’m hoping I never do!”


Meet Ted Bennett who is representing CAMERON’S in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Stratford and Guelph Area. Ted worked for the LCBO for 13 years moving through the ranks to the senior position of Beer Ambassador for both an A and AA store. His passion for craft beer grew so much during the five years as Beer Ambassador that he actively pursued a career change to craft beer sales.

He describes how he came to his decision to make a move to beer: “I always saw how much fun reps were having, how passionate they always were about the product they were selling, and I shared the same passion selling their products for them. So, I simply trusted my gut, took the leap and couldn’t be happier with my decision. I definitely know I have found my way to the right company and team by joining CAMERON’S Brewing!”

Ted’s last gig was at Herald Haus Brewing in Stratford where he worked in retail sales and assisted the head brewer with pilot brews during the brewery construction. That experience gave him a whole new level of appreciation for craft brewing. “Being a part of their team and seeing the blood, sweat, passion and tears that go in to opening a craft brewery from the ground up, has brought a whole new love and respect for the craft industry as a whole,” he says.

Ted’s take on the craft beer explosion is based on his experience living in a rural Ontario community: “People like seeing THEIR hard-earned dollars going to support people they know who are creating and creating some amazing craft beers,” he says.

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