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Smile Pack - 6 Pack

Smile Pack - 6 Pack

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Smile Pack - 6 Pack

😊Our NEW Mixed Pack is Sure to put a SMILE on
your Face!😊 Smile Pack includes four new exclusive releases plus two classic favourites all in one box!

BE MY ZEST - Lemon Lime Lager
Be My Zest at a dinner party or backyard soirée! In a delightful twist of fate, serve this lemon lime lager in a glass or chilled right out of the can. Be My Zest boasts an unparalleled piquant tang that’s patiently aged to perfection. So crisp and garden-fresh, your guests (and your mouth) will thank you.

IBU: 13 | Alc/Vol 4.5%

DOG DAZE - Pale Ale
Dog Daze Pale Ale is the ultimate thirst-quencher for those long, dog days of summer. Refreshing and restorative, this straw-coloured sip of summer has an impeccably balanced body with tropical notes of Southern Hemisphere hops. Beat the heat with Dog Daze Pale Ale! (No air conditioning required.)

IBU: 23 | Alc/Vol: 5.2%

MIMOSA - Mimosa Style Orange Wheat Beer
This mimosa isn’t just for brunch! The perfect refreshment any time at all, our Mimosa Style Orange Wheat Ale activates your palate with a satisfying citrus punch. Overflowing with orange and first-class fizz, this wheat brew is bubbly yet smooth. Unwind and divine in a treat for your taste buds!

IBU: 10 | Alc/Vol: 4.5%

WHITE TIGER - White India Pale Ale
White Tiger is a White India Pale Ale that’s all set to pounce. With a unique combination of classic Belgian Wit and new world aromatic hops, this IPA is one powerful beast. Orange peel combines with coriander for a must-try meld of citrus and spice. Sink your teeth into this mighty can today!

IBU: 38 | Alc/Vol: 6.5% |

FIRST LIGHT - Session Lager
Bright, crisp, and clean as the morning dawn, our First Light is patiently aged and cold cellared for a perfect balance and a satisfying refreshing finish.

IBU: 12 | Alc/Vol: 4%

COSMIC - Cream Ale
Brewed with a cosmic blend of European hops for a fruity and floral backbone, this elegant golden ale is crisp, balanced and refreshing.


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